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Gamdirect's cash transfer transactions are secure and immediate, GamDirect is your trusted conduit to send money to family and friends. Transactions can be conducted at our office locations and select Trust Bank locations in Gambia and online at www.gamdirect.com. GamDirect's money transfer service is secure and reliable.

We take great pride in the exceptional customer service provided to our customers for more than a decade. We know your time is valuable, so we direct our attention to getting you in and out of the door within five minutes, and complete your transfer within 24 hours.

We discount our normally low service fees for regular return customers around select holidays. Our exchange rates and fees are set to give you the most competitive returns for your money transfers.

GamDirect is licensed and bonded in several states in the United States, and transfers can be made with any US bank account or PayPal account. GamDirect complies with standards set by the Department of Financial Institutions and the Federal Financial Crime Enforcement Network. GamDirect is bonded with Central Bank in Gambia, and is a member of The Association of Licensed Foreign Exchange Bureaux of Gambia. GamDirect utilizes Secure Socket Layer or SSL protocols that meet financial industry security standards.

GamDirect is projecting to expand to several African nations. We appreciate you and value your trust in our service.

Taking advantage of the safeguards and abilities of GamDirect allows you to ‘send money whenever, wherever!’